Triple P – Positive Parenting Programs

Positive Parenting Programs are designed to help parents improve their parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children.

Because parents all have different needs, Triple P has many different ways to get positive parenting help. You choose what is best for you and your family. Below is a list of Triple P programs and our trained Early Learning Specialists who are available to provide support.  For a full list of Triple P programs please visit Triple P Courses for Parents of Children Birth-12 years

You’re divorced or separated. Your child is caught in the middle. You may have problems with your extended family, your new partner or your ex. Holidays and birthdays cause arguments. You may be concerned about your finances. And you’re worried about the impact this is all having on your child’s behaviour and emotions. If any of this sounds familiar, Family Transitions Triple P can help

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Fear-Less Triple Parenting will introduce parents and caregivers to key anxiety-management strategies that support children with anxiety. Topics that will be covered include understanding how anxiety works, knowing how to help your child develop coping skills and to face feared situations, and successfully managing children’s anxious behaviours.

If your child is experiencing signs of anxiety, email to set up a consultation to see if this program is the right fit for you.

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Being a parent should be easier than this! Perhaps you can’t take your daughter shopping because she throws a tantrum every time. Or maybe you have a child who makes bedtime a nightmare. Or a son who never seems to listen to anything you tell him to do.

If your child has a particular behaviour problem that is making family life more difficult than it should be, then Primary Care Triple P can help. Primary Care Triple P gives guidance that is tailored to help you with specific issues.

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You have a child with an intellectual or physical disability, and life is incredibly tough. Your child may seem unwilling or unable to follow instructions or master new skills. Perhaps they have terrible tantrums or emotional meltdowns. Maybe they can’t make friends or play with their siblings.

As for you, stress is a constant. Holding down a job may be too difficult. You may feel isolated from your friends, your community – perhaps even from your partner or your other children. You possibly feel guilty and don’t know how to tackle your child’s problem behaviour. If the pressure of raising a child with a special need is straining your family life, Stepping Stones Triple P may help.

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The Triple P Discussion Group Series includes parent discussion groups on commonly encountered problems such as disobedience, fighting and aggression, and managing situations such as shopping with children and bedtime. The discussion groups are designed to provide an overview of the positive parenting principles for any interested parent. Parents are actively involved throughout the 2-hour small group format discussions.

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Triple P Discussion: Developing Good Bedtime Routines
Happening at Woodbridge Main Centre on September 7, from 1:30 to 3 pm

This discussion topic explores different problems parents commonly face at bedtime and some of the reasons why they happen. The skills children need to get into a good bedtime routine are discussed and parents are introduced to positive parenting strategies to help prevent problems. The approaches to encouraging children to stay in their own bed throughout the night are discussed: the gentle, the gradual, and the direct approach. Parents choose which approach suits them best.

Triple P Discussion: Hassel-Free Mealtimes with Children
Happening at Woodbridge Main Centre on September 14, from 1:30 to 3 pm

This discussion topic explores things that influence children’s mealtime behaviour, setting limits and teaching children good mealtime habits. Parents will look at ways to increase food variety, be introduced to some positive parenting strategies to help manage mealtimes and develop a personal plan for their family’s mealtimes.


Journey to kindergarten

This parenting program is designed to support families with children entering Kindergarten. The goal is to connect participants with community resources and services in York Region and to provide a community space in which to exchange ideas, information and parenting tools that will ultimately help to establish a solid foundation in all domains of learning and will contribute to positive experiences and outcomes for children.

Happening at Woodbridge Main Centre from September 9 to October 14, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Family Support Q&A

Each session we discuss a topic that will support families in developing skills and gaining information for child development and self-care. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions for a deeper understanding and real-life application.


Super Men, Super Kids

This is an activity based program for children and the male figures in their lives. There are 8 sessions, each designed to give men and children time together in a fun activity and for men to discuss relevant topics together.


Parents as Partners

Parents are experts with their own children. The goal of these parenting sessions is to empower parents and caregivers to connect and engage with their children. We have invited resource speakers who are experts in various fields to talk to families about different topics based on interests and needs.

Lets Talk

Let’s Talk

Parenting is not always easy and it helps to know we are not alone. This program provides time for parents/caregivers to come together to network and share their parenting experience and challenges. Community partners may also join to offer their expertise. Settle in for an hour just for you!