About Us

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer a range of programs that provide early learning and parenting programs for families with children birth – 6 years of age. EarlyON programs are funded by the Ministry of Education and are open to all families in Ontario.

EarlyON SEC is operated by Social Enterprise for Canada.  For more information visit www.socialenterprise.ca

Our Vision

A community of strong, connected families engaged in raising their young children(0 – 6 years old) to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To provide support, resources, and individualized services to promote the early learning and healthy development of families and their young children (0 – 6 years old).


A supportive place for parents/caregivers and young children.

Our programs focus on:

  • Providing children and families a sense of belonging
  • Supporting healthy child development
  • Encouraging children to engage in active and creative exploration, play, and inquiry
  • Encouraging children to express themselves in many ways

We are a welcoming place that offers a range of services:

  • Join fun activities – reading, storytelling, sing-alongs, games, and more
  • Get advice from professionals trained in early childhood development
  • Find out about other family services in your community
  • Connect with other families with young children

These free programs are available on a drop-in or registered basis (parenting workshops), and operate onsite at EarlyON Centres as well as nearby community locations. See our calendars for further details about programming and locations.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

EarlyOn Team

Day in the life of an Early Childhood Educator