Family Support Q&A

Each session we discuss a topic that will support families in developing skills and gaining information for child development and self-care.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions for a deeper understanding and real-life application.


Wednesday, May 19th, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

“Why is Doodling Important?!”

Does your child scribble, draw lines, or doodle? It can enable creativity and it can lead to literacy, numeracy, and the pincer grasp. Art is an open-ended activity where your child can do no wrong.

In this session, Nina Nissan will talk about the developmental stages of art and activities you can do with your child. Nina graduated from queens University with a bachelor of fine arts with honors and is working on completing her bachelor’s of education. She has over 10years of experience planning to program for young children.

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