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Positive Parenting Program is designed to help parents improve their parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children.

Wednesday – October – 06:30 to 07:30 pm

“Whining in Toddlers”

Whining is common in young children and can be very frustrating for parents. Coping with whining is even more difficult if it is your child’s usual way of talking. Children who whine a lot need help to learn more appropriate ways of speaking. Join us and get tips on how you can support your child’s communication style.

Fear-Less Triple P Workshop

Fear-Less Triple P was developed to help anxious children and their parents. Everyone experiences anxiety, stress and worry from time to time. However, for some children and family’s anxiety, stress and worry can overwhelm their day-to-day lives.

Fear-less Triple P will support parents:
• Learn what anxiety is and how it develops?
• Develop strategies to encourage children to express, tolerate and manage their upsetting emotions.
• Create a step by step coping plan







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