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Wednesday, June 16th, 7:00-8:00 pm

“Separation Anxiety for Infants”

Most infants go through a stage when they suddenly react with hesitation and fear to strangers or people they do not see every day. It can be a real surprise when your child seems afraid of someone they have usually greeted with a big smile. You may feel uncomfortable and be unsure about how to manage the situation. You may also worry about upsetting your child when you must leave them with other caregivers. Parents have an important role to play in helping their children learn to cope with new experiences. This coffee chat will give you some suggestions to help understand separation anxiety and help your infant feel secure.

Fear-Less Triple P Seminar

“Helping Children Learn to Manage Anxiety”

for families of children 2 to 6 years

The Fear-Less Triple P Seminar will introduce parents and caregivers to key anxiety-management strategies that support children with anxiety.

Topics covered: understand how anxiety works, know how to help your child develop coping skills and face feared situations, and successfully manage children’s anxious behaviors.

Thursday, June 10th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Wednesday, June 23rd, 06:30 – 08:30 pm







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